Life with Magnesium Fans are saying ...

I love relaxinging the bath with the bath soak! Follow it up with the magnesium spray and I have the best night sleep! - Claire Tennent-Brown


I love these products!! the first time I used the magnesium oil on my 18 month old before her day sleep, she slept for over three hours and i had to wake her for school pick up! the bath soak smells amazing. thanks Nicole for lovely locally made products we can trust. - Emma Jones


these products are the bomb! love them - Janelle Rock


i have started using "Life with Magnesium" oil spray before and after XCO mountain bike races after ongoing knee and ankle pain.  This oil has definitely helped to lessen the pains and greatly helped with post race recovery! It has been far better than the magnesium tablets I used to use. - Matt


The Three Salt Soak has become my new addiction! I love both the MAN and Woman essential oil mixes - it's incredibly calming and I have zero soreness from the gym as a bonus. an amazing product and my absolute favourite. - Leah


I love the oil and bah soak.  It really does sooth my aches and pains and provides ongoing relief. My new favourite product!! -  Jenny