Start of a cleanse..

I’ve been wanting to personal blog  for   a g e s    so I’m facing my fear and having a go…

Speaking of go…I have let myself go… I am tired, a little chubby and not at all caring for myself as I know I deserve.

That is my biggest barrier.. self love. I look after my three boys and husband putting myself somewhere underneath homework.. so when my sister suggested we try a cleanse.. I carb loaded and jumped on board.

I’m three days in and enjoying feeding my body healthy whole foods, body brushing, walking and trying to have some time each day to watch the grass grow.. literally taking the time to sit outside on the grass and look at individual Leaves. I was listening to a podcast and it was how taking time in nature is a form of meditation.

My friend inspired me to start blogging this morning. We both have small businesses and enjoy bouncing ideas around.. today fonts took up a fair amount of our time! I decided I’d share my cleanse love and make us both smoothies for breakfast after I’d just told her all about the delicious recipes.. holy moly the smoothie looked like diarrhoea which then lead us to sing the song. Let’s call my friend, Frankie.. Frankie didn’t quite finish the smoothie.

Preparation has been key for me over the last few days. I’m a little happy with myself for not getting on the MAFS bandwagon and although it’s early days I’m enjoying organising our household in the evenings. Fingers crossed I can stick to it.


Nicole Jones