What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral that the body requires for hundreds of processes in the body. 

Deficiency of this mineral may result in symptoms such as cravings, irregular heart beat, poor appetite, kidney stones, high blood pressure, calcium build up in joints and arteries, vertigo, tremors, cold extremeties and anxiety.

Factors that increase the bodies demand of this mineral include stress, high sugar intake, high fat intake, renal dysfunction, pregnancy, muscular dysfunction, diabetes, high coffee consumption, arthritis and athletes.

70% of our magnesium is stored in our bones and teeth and we require Vitamins B1, B6, C, D, glucose, potassium, boron and calcium to absorb it and make it useable.

Diuretics increase excretion and many antibiotics and penicillan decreases absorption.

One of the quickest ways of getting this much needed nutrient into our body is via the skin.  It takes only 26 seconds for any topical product to soak into the blood stream, so a hot bath (which also opens the pores) or magnesium oil is a very effective way to get a daily dose of magnesium.


Nicole Jones